Classroom Ideas for Podcasting

Create Sound Seeing Tours
 Have students describe sites on field trips
 Have students take a sound tour of their school, neighborhood or other spaces
 Have students describe their personal reactions and observations to places they are visiting
 Example – Walks of a Lifetime
 Newscasts – Reporter
 Have students create news reports of happenings in your classroom
 Assign a student to summarize the learning during the day’s lesson
 Have students create news reports for the school happenings or special events
 Have students create a historical almanac – events in history on this day, famous birthdays, etc.
 Have students record interviews of people
 Examples – Reading Rocket Author Interviews
From the Mind of Mr. D

 Discussions about Processes
 Have students show how to solve mathematical problems
 Have students discuss classroom procedures
 Have students describe science labs and demonstrate their thinking
 Have students create “How to’s”
 Examples – Grammar Girl
FlickSchool -

 Create Study Guides
 Have students create unit reviews
 Ask students reflective questions that they must respond to

 Share Stories
 Have students interview grandparents or relatives about stories of when they were a child
 Have students read their writing
 Do a shared/round robin story – one class or child writes and reads a part of a story and another class writes and reads the next part Create a “This I Believe”
 Examples – NPR This I Believe
House on Maple Street -
I’m Thankful For -
Miss Lionetti’s Blog

 Podcast Dramas
 Have students write scripts and read old time radio dramas tied to curriculum concepts
 Have students role play situations – bullying, peer pressure issues, etc.
 Example – Haines Middle School

 Poetry Slams
 Have students read their poetry expressively
 Have students add music and jingles to match the mood of their poetry
 Have students critique poetry
 Example - Jamestown School

 Viewpoint – Counterpoint
 Have students participate in a roundtable discussion on a topic
 Have students discuss current events
 Have students debate all sides of an issue

 Story Problems
 Have students create and read story problems that listeners have to solve
 Example – Jamestown school

 Participate in Collaboration Projects
 Where in the world project ( )

 Word of the Day
 Select a vocabulary word – have students pronounce it, spell it, define it, use it in a sentence, complete an analogy, find synonyms and antonyms, etc.
 Example – Princeton Review Vocab Minute

 Book Talks
 Have students complete a review/critique of books they have read
 Have students create a reading rainbow type of book talk where they share other books on the same topic or theme
 Examples – Booktalks, quick and simple
CTHS listens @ the library

 Report – Presentation
 Have students orally share the information that they have researched on a topic
 Examples Radio Willow Web
Native American report