Reaching for The Stars from Your Classroom

Workshop Description:
This workshop is designed to help students acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to transform a classroom lesson into a 21st Century or Digital-age learning environment based on the skills, concepts, and themes. Digital-age learning focuses on the stages of H.E.A.T. (Higher order thinking processes, Engaged learning, Authenticity, and Technology use) to support inquiry-based learning. Participants will design a podcast/vodcast focusing on one historical artifact within the Kansas Cosmosphere. Participants will share a lesson plan for using podcasts or videos in the classroom that incorporate Discovery Education to the class wiki.

Workshop Objectives:
1. Participants will develop skills for creating podcasts and video editing.
2. Participants will enhance their knowledge of resources offered by Discovery Education.
3. Participants will use a variety of resources to build a digital kit for their podcast.

Discovery Education
Kansas Cosmosphere
Sun and Earth Day
DIY NASA Podcast
When We Left Earth (The NASA Missions)

Additional Resources:
Search for tutorial videos
Tutorial Videos for self-paced training
Teacher Training Videos
Podcasting with Garageband
Flip Cameras in the Classroom
iLearn Technology
Podcasting Ideas

Session 1
Day of Discovery at the Cosmosphere - 3 hours
Explore the Kansas Cosmosphere with the Museum Curator. Choose an artifact that fits into your content area/standards to study and research.
Assignment: Each participant will build a digital kit (videos, sounds, photos, etc.) for their work in the afternoon. Participants will use the resources listed above for their research and harvesting of materials.

Session 2
Day of Discovery at the Cosmosphere - 3 hours
Demonstrate various technology tools (Garage Band, Audacity, iMovie or MovieMaker, and/or for creating a podcast or video.
Assignment: With the digital kit, create a podcast or video about the chosen artifact.

Session 3
Day of Discovery at the Cosmosphere - 4 hours
Assignment: Develop their podcast and/or video.

Session 4
Day of Discovery at the Cosmosphere - 2 hours
Assignment: Students will complete a lesson plan format tying in their standards with their lesson, including essential questions and will upload it to the class wiki.

Class Participation, Observation & Evaluation 20%
Class Discussions 30%
Class Product: Podcast and Lesson Plan 50%

Grading Scale:
90%-100% = A
80% - 90% = B
70% - 80% = C
60%-70% = D
59% and below = F